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Customer Testimonials about the ABoardBag
"Getting it Together"
When Clients see me on the corner I look smooth, at ease, together, not in the middle of a haggard frustration with those signs piled in the trunk.
"Open Houses are a Breeze"
Open House set up and take down is a breeze, no more wrestling with sheets of lumber while in my business suit.
"Looking Professional"
Using the ABoardBag, I am no longer embarrassed by my trunk space when someone stops me on the corner while I'm putting out the signs. It's so quick and easy.
"A more efficient rolling office"
The AboardBag has saved me time, made my routine safer and improved the effieciency of my 'rolling office'.
"Maximizing Space"
The ABoardBag maximizes my space, now after an open I'm ready to go on to my next adventure. Kids baseball games, the grocery store, etc.
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